MineYourMind Chunkloaders (Keep your machines running!)

Creating a chunkloader

MyM Chunkloaders are only available in Minecraft versions 1.7.10 or higher. Create your chunkloader by shift right clicking a iron or golden block with an empty hand. This will pop up a GUI which asks you how big you want your chunkloader, which can be 1x1, 3x3, and all the way up to 9x9. Chunkloaders take tickets every 1 minutes, and any placed can be found using the command /cm list Here are the various chunkloaders, which blocks you need, and what they do:

Iron Block: This creates an iron chunkloader, which only loads entities like a normal chunkloader when you are online. This means that you aren’t using tickets when you don’t need to, and is usually for quarries, etc that you don’t need chunkloaded all the time but is in a different dimension.

Gold Block: This creates a gold chunkloader, which functions similarly to an iron chunkloader, but it runs all the time. When you are offline, the chunkloading cost changes to quintuple the normal cost, and the chunkloading limits are reduced to save vital processing power. Note: Gold chunk loaders turn themselves off after you have been offline for 48 hours.

Chunkloading limits

These are the limits to chunkloading, (introduced 23/04/18)

# Iron (Online) Gold (Offline)
Default 9 Chunks 3 Chunks
Patron Tier 1 12 Chunks 6 Chunks
Patron Tier 2 16 Chunks 9 Chunks
Patron Tier 3 32 Chunks 16 Chunks

Tickets can be bought with tokens at a rate of 10,000 to 1 token. Information about how the voting system works can be found here: https://mineyourmind.net/forum/threads/figuring-out-the-way-new-voting-tickets-and-tokens-work.13054/

Chunkloader commands

  • /cm help Shows a help page of MYM Chunkloaders
  • /cm introduction - Intro on how to use chunkloaders
  • /cm list <name> [page] Replace name with your own name, shows your chunkloaders.