Automatic Farmworld Resets

What are Automatic Farmworld Resets?

Automatic Farmworld Resets (AFR) is a system on MineYourMind that completely resets a dimension/world at a given point in time. If we didn’t do this, worlds like The End or the Nether would be completely destroyed and/or looted after a certain point the server opened. When we reset it, it becomes an untouched, clean world.

What type of Farmworld resets are there?

Currently there are two types of resets on MineYourMind. We have Weekly and Monthly resets. The time varies for worlds and when they reset by MineYourMind Administrators. Administrators look at the demands of a world/dimension and see how heavly the world is used up in resources.

When exactly do these resets happen?

  • Weekly - Saturday
  • Monthly - The 1st of each month

The reset happens on the first restart of that day The timezone of the server is GMT+1/2 (Winter/Summer)

Which worlds are on the reset list currently?

We have two different lists here. We have a General reset section and a Exemption/Server Specific reset list. General meaning that these worlds/dimensions are, by default, automatically reset.



  • The End
  • Outer Lands (Thaumcraft)
  • Erebus


  • Farmworld
  • Nether
  • Dream World (Witchery)
  • Deep Dark / Under Dark
  • The Beneath
  • Bedrock Dimension
  • Promised Land
  • Spirit World (Witchery)
  • Tropicraft
  • Hoanna
  • Advent of Ascension Worlds
  • Aether

Never resetting worlds/dimensions

  • OverWorld
  • Void World
  • Last Millenium (Extra Utilities)
  • Galaticraft Planets
  • Advanced Rocketry Planets

Server Specific Exceptions

Attack of the B-Team

  • Tropicraft (is NOT being reset)

Galatic Science

  • Nothing will be reset


  • Twilight Forest (is being reset Weekly)

Infinity Evolved Skyblock

  • Nether (is NOT being reset as it is a void world)

Divine Journey

  • Runic Dungeons (is being reset Weekly)
  • Eden (is being reset Weekly)
  • Iceika (is being reset Weekly)
  • Wildwood (is being reset Monthly)
  • Apalachia (is being reset Monthly)
  • Skythern (is being reset Monthly)
  • Mortum (is being reset Monthly)

Engmatica 2: Expert

  • Twilight Forest (is being reset Weekly)

Engmatica 2: Expert Skyblock

  • The End (is NOT being reset)
  • Nether (is NOT being reset)


  • Twilight Forest (is being reset Weekly)

Project Ozone 3

  • Abyssalcraft Dimensions (is being reset Weekly)
  • Twilight Forest (is being reset Weekly)
  • Erebus (is being reset Weekly)
  • Hunting Dimension (is being reset Monthly)
  • Landia (is being reset Monthly)
  • Lost Cities (is being reset Monthly)
  • Xia (is being reset Weekly)